Paediatric Medical Imaging

We provide an imaging service for children within our Medical Imaging department at the Royal Devon's Eastern services. There are many different types of imaging that happen here, including X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound scans, and nuclear medicine scans. More specialised examinations may need to be referred to a specialist paediatric imaging service.

Our department is often very busy, and although we make every effort to see children as quickly as possible, sometimes delays do occur. It may be a good idea to bring a toy, comforter, or book with you to keep the child occupied while they wait.

We understand that coming for a medical imaging examination can be daunting for children, their parents, and/or carers, but our team will help to try and put them at ease. Our friendly radiographers will clearly explain what is going to happen while they are having their images taken.

In most cases, a parent or carer can accompany the child into the X-ray or scan room. We will assess each situation and it may be that your child can have the X-ray while you stand behind our protective screens. Your child will be in view at all times from behind this screen. There may be some instances with younger children where we will need you to stay with your child in the room and this may include gently holding them to keep them in position. If you are required to stay in the room and hold your child, we will ask you to wear a lead gown and complete our “Comforters or Carers” form. Please let us know at this point if there is any chance you could be pregnant.

Please be aware that for certain examinations, we need to ask everyone aged 12 and over if it may be possible that they may be pregnant. This is to ensure we care for your child and any potential foetus safely. Teenagers under the age of 16 do get pregnant and we do not know who is and who isn’t sexually active.

Due to the limited safe space within imaging rooms, other family members or those accompanying will not be able to be present within the X-ray room and will be asked to wait in our waiting area. If at all possible, it is preferred if you do not bring along other children, however, we do appreciate this may be difficult at times. Please note we have no provision for staff to look after other children within the Medical Imaging department.

Last updated: January 25, 2024


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