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Available from the App Store and Google Play

View your hospital records with MY CARE

If you're a regular visitor to our hospitals, you might have noticed that we've replaced the paper notes we used to keep for patients with a new digital patient record system. It means that whichever care team you're meeting with, they all have quick and convenient access to you medical information.

Now we're making the same system available to patients with MY CARE.

MY CARE sits on your mobile phone or tablet through an app or can be accessed via your computer. It brings your Royal Devon medical information and interactions with your clinical team into one place.*1

MY CARE is accessible day or night and gives you handy access to your medical information if you're away from home or abroad.

Key benefits

Here are some of the features you'll find within MY CARE:

  • See the results of most tests when they are available*2

  • View your calendar of upcoming appointments, along with details about attending*3

  • Search for information on past appointments, along with clinical information provided by your care team

  • Keep your care team informed by completing health questionnaires and updating allergy and medical information

  • Check you health information at any time, home and abroad

  • Send a message directly to your care team from within the app if you've got any questions about your care*4

  • Allow a family member or loved one to access your health and appointment information by enabling Proxy Access

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Reducing our carbon footprint

We currently send out about two million letters to patients every year. By switching to the MY CARE app as our main channel of communication with patients, we hope to reduce our paper consumption on a very significant scale.

If you'd prefer not to use the app and would like to continue interacting with our hospitals the way you do now, all those existing services will remain in place.

Step 1, Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play. Step 2, Install the MyChart app. Step 3, Select MY CARE Royal Devon

Getting started with MY CARE is easy

To start using MY CARE, visit the App Store or Google Play and download MyChart, then select MY CARE Royal Devon. MyChart is an app from healthcare technology firm Epic, used in many hospitals in the UK and around the world. Once you download this app you can access our MY CARE service.

Once downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, you'll be asked a few security questions to verify your identity. You will receive a message from the MY CARE support team once your account has been approved.

Your medical information will appear in your app the moment you open it.

Click here to download on the App Store Click here to get it on Google Play

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MY CARE on a PC or Mac

You can access MY CARE and all the functionality on a personal computer or Apple Mac.

Access MY CARE on a PC or Mac


MY CARE - Life made simpler


*1 Not all aspects of your medical record and care will be available in MY CARE.

*2 The release of test results may be delayed while under review by your care team. Sensitive results will not be release.

*3 Some appointment may not appear in your calendar due to their sensitive nature.

*4 Check with your care team to see if this feature is available.

Last updated: August 11, 2023


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