NHS launches campaign to help diagnose cancer early

6 Jun 2022

The Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is supporting an NHS England & NHS Improvement campaign, ‘Help Us, Help You’, which is taking a different approach to detecting cancer earlier for patients, when it is easier to treat.

This national campaign encourages everyone not to let the thought of cancer play on your mind, but instead if something in your body doesn’t feel right, and you are worried it could be cancer, don’t delay, contact your GP practice. Most people who are referred for tests by their GP find out it’s not cancer, but it’s vital to play it safe and get checked sooner rather than later. Remember that the NHS is here for you.

New surveys reveal that while the majority of people knew catching cancer earlier makes it more treatable, over two fifths said they would ignore symptoms, wait to see if anything changed, look for answers online or speak to family and friends before seeing their GP.

This national campaign will run across TV, radio, and social media and is the first ‘Help Us, Help You’ cancer campaign to focus on tackling the ‘fear’ of cancer rather than specific symptoms.

Close NHS launches campaign to help diagnose cancer early


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Last updated: June 06, 2022