Launch of the Royal Devon’s Green Plan

16 Jun 2022

As the UK marks Clean Air Day, the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s Green Plan is set to play its part in helping the NHS cut more than 1m tonnes of C02 emissions in the next three years – the equivalent of taking 520,000 cars off the road.

One of more than 200 new Green Plans put forward by NHS trusts across England, the plan by the Royal Devon sets out how it will reduce its environmental impact and help the NHS reach net zero by 2040. 

Chris Tidman, Deputy Chief Executive of the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We aim to be a leading advocate for this important agenda and we are committed to working with our local partners for broader changes that promote sustainability and improve the wellbeing of our local communities.

“Our Green Plan, which sets out how we are going to achieve our long-term sustainability goals and net zero targets, will help us to achieve this aim through a range of key areas. This includes delivering sustainable models of care, supporting staff to implement green improvements across our service, and reducing the environmental impact of our buildings and energy.

“While we have made significant progress in many areas, we know that more needs to be done, and our Green Plan will help us to embed our sustainability ambitions into everything we do.”

Dr Nick Watts, Chief Sustainability Officer at NHS England, said: “The NHS was the first health system in the world to commit to net zero and the outstanding innovation and commitment from the Royal Devon is a vital step towards achieving that aim.  

“Doing our bit on climate change will directly improve public health and reduce health inequalities, cutting deaths caused by air pollution and ensuring a healthier future for our children.”

Close Launch of the Royal Devon’s Green Plan


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Last updated: June 16, 2022