COVID-19 information

Our staff are working incredibly hard and doing everything they can to prevent COVID-19 from spreading across our healthcare settings, but we need your help:

If you have an outpatient appointment

If you or a member of your household has tested positive for COVID-19, please contact us via the details on the top of your appointment letter, as soon as possible before your appointment. Please do not attend until you have had a conversation with one of our clinical team.

If you need urgent care and you have COVID-19

If you need urgent or emergency care and you have COVID-19, please call NHS 111 first to check where the best place for you to receive care is. If you are signposted to an RD&E service, please let the reception desk know you are COVID positive as soon as you arrive.

Visitor guidance

To help us better manage infection control risks, please ensure you are aware of visitor guidance at our hospitals:

Eastern services visitior guidance

Northern services visitor guidance

Wearing of facemasks

Following changes to national guidance, the policy and guidance regarding facemasks in our hospital settings is largely as it was before the pandemic, with some important exceptions.

Visitors are not routinely required to wear face coverings unless it is their personal preference, exceptions to this are as follows:

  • In settings (inpatient or outpatient) where patients are at high risk of infection due to immunosuppression, e.g. oncology/haematology and renal services, visitors will be asked to wear a facemask unless they are medically exempt.
  • Visitors and individuals accompanying patients to ED and admission areas will continue to be encouraged to wear face coverings
  • Visitors will be asked to wear a surgical facemask if visiting a high-risk area or a patient with suspected/known COVID-19.

If you are deaf or hearing impaired, our staff have a range of communication options to ensure that they can communicate effectively with you. This might include visual aids such as writing things down, speech to text apps and sign language.

We understand that for some people, wearing a face-covering may be difficult due to physical or mental health conditions, and these people will remain exempt.

Vaccination Centres

Our vaccination centres are currently open on specific days and times for appointments and walk-ins.

Exeter COVID-19 Vaccination Centre - Greendale Business Park

North Devon COVID-19 Vaccination Centre - Barnstaple - Tesco Taw View Extra


Hospital Acquired Covid-19 Infections


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Last updated: June 16, 2022