Assistant Practitioners (Allied Health Professionals)

Assistant Practitioners have a wealth of experience in specific areas of clinical practice, so it’s the perfect career for those who can’t wait to immerse themselves in a particular area of healthcare. You’ll have extraordinary skills thanks to your training and development.

A typical day could involve scrubbing up to help a patient in ICU, taking blood samples to send to the lab, or supporting a rehabilitation patient regain their independence by washing and dressing. Working under the direction of registered professionals, your level of experience means that you can also work alone without supervision.

You’ll be empowered to carry out agreed procedures, working in hospitals, clinics or out in the community, visiting families in their homes and referring to your multi-discipline team for guidance and support.

What's it like to work at the Royal Devon?

What's it like to work at the Royal Devon?

The Royal Devon is a university hospital trust and in addition to the teaching opportunities that you would expect, there are educational programmes, specialist networks and a plethora of opportunities to advance your own learning. 

Your empathy and dedication are just what our patients need if they require acute care, and meanwhile, your team will be around to continuously provide support and guidance. Staff nurses, support workers, nursing associates and assistant practitioners work alongside consultants, doctors, sonographers and many more professionals, so you’ll be joining a warm and welcoming team that will support and guide you throughout your career.

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Becoming an Assistant Practitioner at the Royal Devon

Your bespoke learning journey

Your bespoke learning journey

You’ll be supported to create your own personal development plan. This is used to identify your individual training needs, which can be met from the wide range of learning opportunities available such as clinical skills, management development, coaching and mentoring, IT skills and much more.

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Advancing your career

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Sarah Showan, MRI Trainee Assistant Practitioner
Sarah Showan, MRI Trainee Assistant Practitioner

Previously, I worked as a Radiology Assistant Practitioner before realising that I wanted to push myself even further. Being a mature student whilst undergoing the Trainee Assistant Practitioner post was a great decision and very rewarding. I find working as an Assistant Practitioner within the MRI department an extremely rewarding position to be in within the Radiology department.

Every day is different, and I have support from my colleagues. Working at the Royal Devon has such a community feel. Although the North Devon District Hospital may be smaller than some hospitals, we are always busy caring for our patients. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else! You can go further with your career after qualifying as an Assistant Practitioner, and there is so much choice within Radiology to do so.

You can advance your skills as you progress. This can be a challenging area for our patients, sometimes increased anxiety can make it difficult for them to be able to have their scans. If we can offer support and compassion along with reassurance, we can ensure they get the necessary diagnostic service. This is what I consider one of the most rewarding aspects of the role. I love supporting the Radiographers, and feel privileged to have gained the knowledge and experience I have.

MRI is a wonderful and friendly place to be!

What can I expect to get paid?

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Last updated: April 24, 2023


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