The Quality Standard for Imaging

Accreditation Medical Imaging

What is accreditation?

The Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI) sets national quality criteria for imaging services. Services assess their performance against this standard and continually make improvements. The QSI is a collaboration between The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and the College of Radiographers (CoR).

The QSI aims to improve the quality of care for people attending an imaging service. It sets out best practice to improve patient care and outcomes. Clinical practice is a continually evolving field. 

The accreditation assessment team is made up of trained assessors, external peers and a lay person led by the UKAS Assessment Manager, who together take a holistic approach to determine a service’s overall ability to consistently deliver the best possible service to its patients and users. (more information can be found on the QSI information board outside RV office or The Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI) | The Royal College of Radiologists ( )

How long has the department been accreditated for?

Medical Imaging has been accredited for 8 years and passed the accreditation assessment in May 2022. Each assessment cycle is a 4 year period, with annual evidence of our performance against the standards either face to face or remotely by the Assessment Team. At the end of this assessment we find out if we have retained our accreditation for a further year. 

This is a big team effort that the whole department is involved in with the continued high standards that we work to. We are very proud to have maintained this for 8 years.

Last updated: January 26, 2024


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