We are looking for Governors to help support local health services

22 Sep 2022

We are looking for people to join our Trust in a special voluntary role. In September, members of the public can stand as a candidate for election as one of the Trust’s Governors.

Our Governors play a vitally important role by providing a direct connection between the Trust, the community we serve and our partners.

Governors have a unique opportunity to work closely with some of the most senior people in the organisation. They have specific responsibilities, particularly to appoint and hold to account the Non-Executive Directors, who hold positions on the Board of Directors. Governors do this by hearing from the Trust’s leaders and asking questions to further understand how the organisation is run and considers the interests of public and staff in the decisions made.

Governors have a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds, and don’t need to have any health experience. What they share is a passion for championing the interests of patients and staff, and supporting local health services to be the best they can be for patients and the public.

Current Governor Heather Penwarden said: “As a reasonably new retiree, the role of Governor helps to keep me mentally stimulated. I see myself as a lifelong learner and enjoy a bit of a challenge so this fits perfectly for me with the added bonus of getting to meet new people, be part of a team and to keep actively engaged with my interest in how our health and care is delivered within the organisation of the NHS.”

Dame Shan Morgan, Chair of the Royal Devon, said: “As we continue to recover from the pandemic, it is more vital than ever before that the views of our staff, patients and the public we serve influence the decisions we make.

“We are looking for people with all kinds of experiences and backgrounds to consider putting themselves forward for the role and to take part in the next election. If you think you have something to offer, we want to hear from you.”

We are looking for people who are interested in standing for election as a Governor to one of five public Governor posts, across our three public constituency areas, which cover all of Devon and bordering Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. Terms of office of one, two and three years are available.  

Find out more about the role

Nominations open on Monday 26 September. Before then, there are lots of opportunities to find out more about being a Governor and you can get ready to apply by requesting a nomination pack.

To find out if the role is for you, we recommend you join our online ‘Meet a Governor’ webinar, where you can hear first-hand from some of our current Governors and ask any questions. You do not need to attend this session  in order to stand for election.

  • Thursday 29 September, 12.30pm-1.30pm

For further details, and to book your place, click here.

For more information about being a Governor, including an introductory guide for those interested in being a Governor, FAQs and details on requesting a nomination pack, visit our Governor elections page.

In the election nomination process, applicants are asked to set out in writing why their experience and background would make them an effective Governor. The elections are carried out on a non-party political basis. Please note that if you wish to stand for election as a public Governor you will need to become a member of the Trust, if you are not already.

Governor elections will take place during September and October 2022, and successful candidates will take up their role in November.

If you have any queries about booking your place for an online session or the elections process, get in touch. Email the communications and engagement team at rde-tr.royaldevonmembers@nhs.net.

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Last updated: September 22, 2022