Share your feedback to help tackle inequalities in Northern Devon

21 Jun 2022

One Northern Devon is carrying out a Health Inequalities Community Engagement Project, with the support of Research Your Way, and would really appreciate your help.

One Northern Devon is a partnership of organisations, including the Royal Devon, who are working together to improve wellbeing and reduce health inequalities for the people and communities of North Devon and Torridge.

Do you work for an organisation that supports people who experience health inequalities?

If you work for, or represent, an organisation that helps people living in North Devon or Torridge who experience inequalities in accessing services, One Northern Devon would like to know what you think are the biggest challenges for people who live in Northern Devon, and what our priorities should be to overcome these challenges.

Please fill in this short survey:

Have you experienced inequalities yourself?

If you live in North Devon or Torridge and feel that you experience inequalities, the team would really like to hear your views and experiences. For example: difficulties in accessing health services, you may be struggling with the cost of living, you may be in insecure housing, or you have any concerns like this.

You can email if you are happy to have a chat on the phone or attend a meeting and she will email your further information.

Close Share your feedback to help tackle inequalities in Northern Devon


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Last updated: June 21, 2022