New midwife-led birth room at Ladywell Unit

8 Jun 2022

Women and birthing people choosing to give birth at North Devon District Hospital (NDDH) can now enjoy hugely improved facilities, with the opening of a new midwife-led birth room.

The Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has been working to improve facilities and choice for service users in North Devon following the publication of the National Maternity Review and recommendations in the Better Births report.

One of the Trust’s projects has been to increase choice of place of birth. The Trust is now delighted to celebrate the official opening of the newly refurbished midwife led birth room, known as Broadsands, at the Ladywell maternity Unit at NDDH.

The Broadsands Room offers a birth pool with a beautiful beach mural behind the pool and a state-of-the art birthing chair. The room also has an en-suite shower, a comfortable sofa, tea and coffee making facilities and Bluetooth speaker. 

Clinical equipment is hidden away to make the room as homely as possible with matching soft furnishings, linen and towels. Birthing balls and mats can also be provided. The room features dimmable lighting to help create a relaxing atmosphere and offers increased choice of place of birth for all women under Midwife Led Care.

Sally Bryant, Head of Midwifery at NDDH, said: “We are delighted to officially  open Broadsands. We hope women and birthing people using the facility will find it a comfortable and calm environment in which to welcome their new baby.”

Maternity staff in the new facility - Angela Whitfield, Lead Midwife for Outpatient and Community Services

Rachel Towle, Acting Bassett Ward manager

Claire Stevens, Labour Ward Co-ordinator

Dawn Henry,  Lead Midwife for Inpatient Services

Zoe Leonti-Woods, Midwife

Clair Medhurst, Maternity Transformation Midwife

Sally Bryant, Head of Midwifery 


The new Broadsands room, 

Sam Kite, Labour Ward Co-ordinator

Sam was the lead for getting the room changed and has put in a lot of work and effort getting it ready for use.



Close New midwife-led birth room at Ladywell Unit


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Last updated: June 14, 2022