New ANPR parking system at North Devon District Hospital

20 Apr 2022

New ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras are to be introduced at North Devon District Hospital, which will see the removal of all entry and exit barriers to the site’s car parks.

From today, Wednesday 20 April, people using the public car park will be asked to drive in, find a space, and pay on exit as they currently do by simply entering the registration number of their vehicle at the parking payment machines and paying the fee according to duration of their period parking.

*Note, although the system was installed today (Wednesday) it may not be fully live until the end of the week so do not worry if you were unable to pay. You will not receive a penalty charge.

There will be a choice of methods, including cash, debit card, Apple Pay, Google pay or registering online and paying by app.

The cost of parking, and the location of the payment machines, will not change.

On driving out of the car park, if a driver has not paid, a screen will flash up a message with the registration number and they will have until midnight to make the payment before a penalty charge is issued.

Sensors will continue to monitor the capacity of the car park and indicate when there are no spaces available.

Blue Badge holders will receive free parking by scanning their badge at the payment machine.

Volunteer drivers for charities and GP surgeries are asked to contact the Facilities Team on 01271 311505 with their details, so that they continue to receive free parking in the marked volunteer spaces near the Ladywell Unit.

Parents and carers of children who are staying in overnight should speak to staff on their ward. Regular visitors will still be able to buy five and seven-day tickets at a special rate, and the 15-minute free parking period remains.

Staff should continue to use staff parking areas only. Parking in the public car park will incur the full charges.

A spokesperson for the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust said: “We hope the new system will make parking at NDDH more convenient and easy to use for patients and visitors.

“We will have staff on hand to help people when the new system goes live.”

Close New ANPR parking system at North Devon District Hospital


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Last updated: April 20, 2022