Recommend a friend scheme (Northern services)

  • Are you a member of shortage occupational group thinking of applying to work at the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust? (Northern services)*
  • If so, do you have friends or family already working at the Trust that have recommended it to you as a place to work?

If the answer is YES, you can nominate them to receive a £1000 Recommend a Friend payment for having introduced you to the Trust.**

To nominate someone to receive the Recommend Friend Payment you must state in the Supporting Information section of your application that that they have recommended the Trust to you as a place to work and include their full name/role.

*List of Qualifying Shortage Occupational Groups (November 2016)

Occupational Group Speciality Grade/Band


Medical practitioners



All specialities



All grades



Medical radiographers



HPC registered diagnostic radiographer




Band 5+






ALL jobs in this occupation code with full NMC registration



Band 5+






All specialties



Band 5+



Occupational Therapist



All specialties



Band 5+

** Scheme arrangements:

  • Only one friend can be nominated per application.
  • The payment will be paid directly to them via Payroll once you have started your employment with the Trust and been employed for a period of 3 months.
  • The payment will be subject to standard deductions of Tax and NI, but will not be pensionable.
  • To qualify to receive the payment your nominee must be an existing member of staff with the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust? (Northern services) and must still be employed with us for the payment to be made.
  • The scheme is not applicable to employees of the Trust Bank moving to a substantive or fixed term post


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Last updated: July 28, 2022