Health & Care Academy at North Devon

What is the Health & Care Academy?

The Health & Care Academy provides real-life ‘as it happens’ work placement opportunities for young people who are interested in developing a career in health and social care and exposes the wide range of careers available within the National Health Service. Students are given the chance to work alongside practitioners from a number of different healthcare professions.

The initiative is prestigious as it is recognised by Health Education England as being a model of good practice for developing a sustainable and highly skilled 21st Century health and social care workforce.

Selection for the Health & Care Academy is based around several connected factors.

How do I apply to join the Health & Care Academy?

If you are studying in Year 12 or 13 at a school or college in North Devon and you wish to apply for a place on the Health & Care Academy you will be required to complete a 750 word letter of application and attend a rigorous 30 minute value based recruitment interview.

Finally, if you are successful in your interview, you will need to attend mandatory induction & manual handling training prior to starting your first placement.

Once on the Health & Care Academy where will I be placed?

Once you have gained a place on the Health & Care Academy you will spend time on a rotational placement for 10/12 weeks (one day a week) in some of the following departments: Radiology, Physiotherapy, Out-Patients, Fracture Clinic, Phlebotomy, Audiology, Podiatry, Theatres, District Nurses, Community Hospitals, Sterile Services, Research and Development, Surgical and Medical Wards, Pharmacy, Hospice and care homes.

Can I talk to somebody who may be able to give me more information about the Health & Care Academy?

Yes – please speak to your tutor/teacher and/or contact for more information.

Meet the students

meet the students

meet the students

meet the students

meet the students

meet the students

meet the students


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Last updated: August 30, 2022